Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lion Princess and Snake Prince

Had the sudden urge to continue this short (?) story of the two. I don't recall how I had planned the story to go on last time, but since the bunnies are around me now, I just thought "Why not?", so here it is! 

Soooo, let's see how I shall continue this Dramione fic eh? 


Her head throbbed dully as she flipped herself around, staring up at the red and gold decorations hanging from the ceiling. A sob escaped her lips as she pulled a pillow over her face - tears leaking from her already swollen eyes. She didn't understand why them of all people would doubt her. They were her best friends. And he was Ron! 

Her heart ached painfully as she let out muffled sobs into the soft cotton. Sitting up abruptly, Hermione threw the pillow across the room; all her frustrations, the misgivings and all the emotions she had pent up were threatening to explode from within her. She walked past the bone-aching heels she had kicked off before throwing herself on the bed and up to the mirror. 

She looked like a wreck. Swollen red eyes, accompanied by a stuffed red nose, smeared eyeliner and streaks of mascara ran down the side of her face. Sniffing slightly, Hermione removed her earrings - those amethyst teardrops which her mother had given her for her 16th birthday - and the many pins she had used to keep her hair in place. 

She pitied the girl in the reflection. The boy she had a crush on just accused her of being a traitor to her own people; her own house; her own family. She was Head Girl, but she had nothing else to her name. She was a mudblood, she was just a nobody. Sighing sadly, Hermione turned away from her repulsive reflection and headed for the bathroom. 

She sank deep into the bathtub; the hot water was comfortable on her skin. Leaning back, she closed her eyes and allowed her thoughts to roam free. She allowed herself to cry once again over Ron. She thought back to all the times she had silently wished for Ron, for him to see how much she loved him. She thought back to when they found out she was Head Girl, how happy they were until they found out who was Head Boy. Even then, the two of them had been supportive; promising her that if Malfoy dared to do anything to her, they would be there to punch his guts out. 

It was all different now. 

She stayed in the tub until the water turned cold and her skin had started to wrinkle. By then, her eyes were even more painful and the headache was throbbing even more. She released the water from the tub and dried herself, changing into her flannel pajamas. Her hair was still silky from the potion she had used for the ball - she ran her fingers through the silken strands, wishing they were like this everyday. She had found a spell to get rid of frizziness from hair, but didn't have the courage to try it out. Until now that is. 

She decided that once the potion wore off, she would cast the spell to her own hair. Wincing slightly from the throbbing in her temples, Hermione brushed her hair swiftly as she exited to the common room, craving for a cup of hot chocolate. 

The fire in the fireplace was low and the entire common room felt a little too homely. The broken shards from the vase laid where she had last saw them - Malfoy was not back yet. She removed her wand from her pocket and muttered the repairing spell non-verbally. She watched as the shards flew back together, piecing themselves back with perfection and speed. Hermione picked the vase up, muttering a soft apology before replacing it on the table top next to the door. 

Sighing again, Hermione looked around the common room. The crests of Gryffindor and Slytherin hung proud from the drapes on the ceiling and walls. If only that were true. She turned away in disgust at the crests - she felt like she didn't belong here anymore. 

She made her cup of hot chocolate and settled down in front of the fireplace. The crackling flames were a comfort to her. She watched lazily as the flames danced around to an unknown rhythm; her eyelids getting heavier with each passing minute. Placing the cooling mug on the carpet next to her, Hermione laid her head against the seat of the armchair behind her, slowly drifting off to sleep. 


Gonna take it real slow now! :/