Thursday, 12 December 2013

10-Second Amnesia

10-second Amnesia

A/N Did a oneshot based on the fanart that was wonderfully made by diaemyung on tumblr! Check it out by clicking on the link above! It's awesome and so heartbreaking T_T

Kuroko no Basket is one of my current favourite manga/anime and boyyyy is there seriously alot of fan service for us fujoshis. Hehehehe <3


“Who are you?”

It was just ten seconds – the time taken for Tatsuya to blink once; to take in the situation; to see the car; to even work up the voice to get his attention.

Ten seconds - was all it took.

“I’m a murderer.”

Had he only been quick enough; observant enough – he would have been able to stop it from happening.

The blood in his body ran cold. He lost all feeling in his arms and legs. His ears were ringing slightly and all he could see was red.

Dark red.

Seeping deep within the whites of their jerseys - overwhelming all the other colours.

Overwhelming his purple.  

His vocal chords seared as his voice escaped his lips. He dropped the bags of snacks he had been helping the other carry; his legs working faster and harder than they ever did. He pushed past the by-standers, unable to hear their frantic whispers; their calls for aid – nothing but his dulling eyes had his attention.

Dark red.

It was everywhere. Tatsuya kneeled beside the broken body, his tears streaming freely.

“A-atsushi.. Atsushi! Atsushi!”

His name first came out as a whisper – afraid that even the slightest sound would bring more hurt. Then, it became a sob; repeated over and over and over again – wishing fervently that this was nothing but a nightmare, one that he would be able to wake up from.

“Who are you?”

He reached for paling fingers, grasping them tightly within his own. His vision blurred from the tears that wouldn’t stop. He felt him return a squeeze – as if trying to say “I’m okay”.

“I’m a strayer.”

Strong arms wrapped themselves under his arms and pulled. Tatsuya struggled to escape, unwilling to stray away from him.


Tatsuya sobbed as those arms pulled at him relentlessly. Their contact broke as Tatsuya was pulled back. Tatsuya fought against his restraints, throwing punches and kicks to those who were holding him. But to no avail, he watched as they loaded him into the back of the ambulance; watched as they placed the oxygen mask upon his face; as they shut the doors and as they drove away.

“Who are you?”

Tatsuya stared at the sky; the winter sky was a darker blue and the wind was bitter cold.

Eight months had passed since the accident; and three months since he returned to school. It was as though nothing had changed – life went on per normal for everyone, basketball trainings had continued every day after school, the final year students were mugging for their papers – and yet, everything had changed.

Everything was changing.

Every ten seconds to be exact.  

“I’m your lover.”

Atsushi‘s eyes widened a little before he leaned forward, pulling Tatsuya in an embrace, closing the distance between their lips swiftly.

It was all too familiar. Although his mind could not remember – his body sure did. His tongue licked the other’s lips, seeking entrance. The smooth muscle danced to an unknown tune with the other; longing for more. Atsushi pulled Tatsuya tighter into his embrace, not wanting to let the shorter boy go.

This scent, his scent was all too familiar. This heat, his heat was something he knew very well. And yet he could not remember how or from where.

“Who are you?”

Atsushi stepped back; wondering why he was embracing a stranger.

He watched those sad black eyes blink once as a tear rolled down the side of Tatsuya’s face. A small sad smile grew on the boy’s lips as more tears threatened to fall from his eyes.

A sudden sharp pang hit Atsushi in his chest as he watched the black haired boy give a slight shake of his head as he took a step backwards.

“I’m just a passerby.”

Tatsuya retreated back another step; his heart wrenching painfully. Suppressing the sob that was threatening to escape, Tatsuya gave his beloved purple giant another sad smile as he watch him forget him all over again.


Friday, 25 October 2013

Lamb in the Tigers' Den - Summary

(AU) Our unlikely hero – thrown back into the past that is currently in the middle of a war; forging unbreakable bonds, creating history and even falling in love. A story that spans over millenniums is built upon lies and deceit. Will the need to survive and to return back home overcome the numerous brushes with Death? Step into the shoes of Yue, as she overcomes her inner demons to defeat her enemies. Who are her friends and who are the foes? Who can she trust in a world that made no sense whatsoever?


New story in progress! Been ages since I last wrote a story where the main characters aren't homosexuals. Hehehehe. Pretty excited about this one! Hopefully I will have the drive to finish this piece~!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Dramione.. I think?

The hand that was placed upon his right shoulder twitched as they twirled around once more. Even with her eyes closed, she could already picture the grimace fixed upon those pale lips. She felt her brows knit together as she felt his body stiffen. 

Is it that terrible to dance with me?

She thought silently as she reopened her eyes and looked everywhere except for the grey eyes that were glaring at her. She did not even know that they had to open the dance for the entire student body. As the head girl, she felt that it was her responsibility to not reject anything the school proposed. But this was one of the few times, she wished she had rejected.

He was dressed in a velvet dressrobe. A slick bow-tie adorned his neck, while the tails of the robe danced beautifully behind him as they twirled around the Great Hall. He had left his platinum blonde hair alone today; not one part of his hair was gelled back.

If he were less the prat he were, she might have considered him hot. But as things were, she scolded herself for even thinking about how good-looking he was. No matter how nice the appearance was, she should never judge a book by a cover, much less a Malfoy. 

As they twirled ‘round the dance floor, Hermoine eyes flicked up towards those grey pools of emptiness, she turned away as soon as she saw the look of contempt glaring back at her. 

She was after all just a filthy mudblood. No matter how long had passed, she would still remember the time during her second year where Draco had called her that for the first time. It had pained her to hear those words, even more when rumors of her bloodline started to spread within the entire student body. 

Sure she wasn’t the first muggle-born to be admitted into Hogwarts. But she was indeed the first muggle-born to have invoked such hatred from a certain member of a dignified (to certain extents) pure-blooded family. 

She sighed audibly and decided to tune those bad memories out of her head. This wasn’t the time to remember those dreadful events, especially not when her dance partner was the one who cause those events. 

"What mudblood? Bored of dancing with me?” The young Malfoy hissed, loud enough for only the girl before him to hear. 

Hermoine glared at him and huffed angrily. She really didn’t want her evening to be spoiled by this prat of a head boy opposite her. The said boy led the two of them slowly to a stop as the music ceased to play. He bowed slightly with a sneer painted on those handsome features as she curtsied back to him with a half-hearted smile as the applause from the by-standers grew.   

She turned and strolled away quickly with her head held high. She was a Gryffindor, and no Gryffindor was going to walk away with their head down. She was the Gryffindor Princess, and he was the Slytherin Prince. 

She smiled at her two best friends as she approached them. She was expecting them to comfort her for having to dance with the Malfoy. But the look she got from Ron, told her otherwise. 

"So. Enjoyed dancing with that ferret did you?" The red-head snapped. "And i though you were different from all those Slytherin girls."

"What is your problem Ron? In which way did i look like i was enjoy that?” Hermonie retorted; her eyes starting to sting. 

"You kept smiling, and you kept holding on to him. When did this start Moine? When did you become that traitor? Falling for that Slytherin scum." Ron sneered. 

Harry watched with apprehension as Hemoine struck Ron across the left side of his face. Hermoine looked livid and Ron was dumb-struck, either from the slap or from how Hermoine looked after he said that line. 

Hermoine turned tail and ran. She ran as quickly as she could in high-heels. She ran even though the stitch at her side was hurting badly. 

"Unity." Hermoine called out to the portrait of a bald monk picking fruits.

The portrait swung open to reveal the shared common room decorated with various golden-red, silver-green hangings. She picked the nearest vase by the side of the opening and threw it against the wall and screamed in frustration.

A story I found abandoned in my tumblr's draft page. I have no idea when I started to write this, but damnn, I think my writing then was rather fluid. >_<