Thursday, 28 January 2010

One of a Kind (HanChul)

Summary: What happens when Heechul is so overwhelmed by the fact that there were only 10 members performing on stage during their concert? And what happens when out of that 10, Hangeng is not one of them? He keeps trying to be the tough and cool hyung to the younger members, but now, it seems that it has gotten way too out of hand.
A/N Ah, it had been way too long since i have written a story... :shocked: But now, i am back! Hahas, okays nevermind me. My first fic of the year! Yes i know, i have my other fic to finish, but with the overwhelming amount of quizzes and homework now a days, i can't seem to find time to write the chapters.. :bleh: Sorry if this story seems a little @#%$@, but i wrote this during a tutorial of mine (the tutorial was way too boring and i hate the subject..). [u][b]UNBETA-ED!!! [/b][/u] Hope you like it!!! =D


He thought he was fine. He said he was fine. He made himself believe he was fine.

Everyone knew otherwise.                           

He quickly walked off stage, wiping vigorously at his face. He had no idea why his eyes had started to sting; he had no idea why his heart had suddenly constrict so tightly; he had no idea why this sudden wave of misery had so suddenly come over him. During their concert; in the middle of one of their songs no less.
He pulled his hood tightly over his head as Sorry Sorry – Answer came on. He knew he still had ample time to gather his emotions and get back on stage, showing off that smile he had learnt to perfect over the years. 

From overhead, Heechul heard something that made him freeze. Shock and surprise overwhelmed him as he listened; over the music blasting from the numerous speakers, came a chant, over and over again, the same name was being repeated. The name he had missed so much. For the past few weeks, he had hated that person who was bound to that name. The man who had made him cry every night alone, under the covers, hoping the younger members would not hear him.

Hangeng! Hangeng! Hangeng! Hangeng! Hangeng!

His lips formed a smile, a genuine one that had been missing ever since Kangin got into that accident, and it had got even worse when he ‘left’. He felt a tear slide on his cheek. He would never admit it, but he was afraid, so afraid that that man would really leave Super Junior and inevitably leave him. Closing his eyes, he felt hot tears forming once again at the corner of his eyes; he wanted so badly to just leave the building and call the said man and shout all sorts of vulgarities at him, a single A4 piece of paper would not be adequate.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned. Anchovy boy was looking at him with a sad smile on his face. He quickly wiped his tears and tried to laugh it off, but the younger boy dismissed it with a shake of his head.

“Hyung,” Hyukjae muttered.

Just one word and Heechul felt as though his tear ducts had exploded; tears kept running down his face as he covered his face with Hyukjae’s shirt. He did not want to appear weak in front of the younger ones, but he could not help it, his one pillar of support was missing and the chances of him leaving were high.

Hyukjae patted Heechul’s back soothingly; knowing exactly why his hyung was so upset. Seeing him break down during Shining Star was enough to tell all the other members what the law suit meant to him.

“Hankyung-hyung would be fine and will be back with us on stage in no time. He asked Teukie-hyung to pass this to you.” Hyukjae said as he passed a small note to Heechul.

Pulling away from Hyukjae’s shirt, he took the piece of paper from him and opened it.

Chullie, do well for the concert! Sorry that I am not able to say this to in people. Manager-hyung said that I should not go out so often as the media would be on my foot as soon as I step out of the house. Plus, he took away my phoone so I cannot contact you. =( Hoping to see you soon! 我爱你。
                                                                                                                                                Love Geng
“Babo, your hangul is still as bad as ever, even with me teaching you…” Heechul laughed.

He looked up only to find Hyukjae missing; the song was already in the middle of the first chorus. He smiled once again, silently thanking the anchovy and the fake angel for all that they have done. This must have been what they had gone to get when they disappeared from the stadium for two hours.

Hangeng may not be here in the flesh, but it seems, he will never be able to be gone from their sides totally. No matter what, once a Super Junior member, always a Super Junior member. 

Pulling back his hood, he jumped on stage and started to sing; it felt as though a huge weight had been removed from his mind, and it felt so good to be able to smile genuinely.



A/N I felt upset when I saw the video of Heenim crying during the Beijing Super Show. And so this was the final product of crying along side with him. Hahas, hope this made all the fans out there who are feeling sad about the law suit a little happier. HeechulXHangeng is real I tell you. =D Hope you guys liked it, comment please! Thank you!! =D